The Face in the Mirror

Truth is, I wasn’t always fierce. A week ago I was terrified of the photo shoot I did for this website. You see 20 (ahem) years ago, I was in an accident that damaged a nerve in my face causing paralysis. I was just past my 18th birthday and my mother was cutting my food and I was drooling on my self. Never mind it wasn’t pretty having the right side of my face drooping like wrinkles on a pug. I was unable to blink my right eye, so it was sewn shut to heal my cornea that was drying out. Sexy right? There was no way to predict if this paralysis would be permanent. I put off my first semester of college going to doctors and praying for a full recovery. That is when I met Dr. Scott Kay. He was a facial plastic specialist in my ENT’s office. There were days I wanted to drown myself in the bathtub but I would go to his office, without an appointment, and he would help me. He removed the stitches holding my eyelid shut, implanted a gold weight weight that allowed me to blink, administered botox to give my face better symmetry and got me into electro shock therapy to keep the muscles tighter. The day I started to regain sensation in my right side, we both cried with joy.