Everyday is Not My Best Life

It’s really just a tag line, a catch phrase. (This is a business after all.) I am working on my story brand in order to generate clients. I am lucky enough to have some amazing photos. My logo was taken by a good friend and I love that I can include her work on my website. Do I feel like a diva/drama queen when I post them? Little bit. Do I feel as good as I look in those photos everyday? No but most days I do. Do I have all the answers to live a perfect life? No. I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be happy and help you be happy as well.

Would you purchase acne products from someone covered in pimples? Would you buy rotten fruit? I imagine not. Would you take health and wellness advice from someone that didn’t look healthy and well? I have about 3 seconds to get your attention and peak your interest. I hope I have been successful.