I don’t believe in settling. There are multiple solutions to every problem, but you have to be
proactive and explore your options.

I made an expensive choice a few years back. It was a Sunday morning. I came downstairs
to the coffee pot and before it had brewed, the pain in my abdomen washed over me, and I
went down.

I was seen by a Doogie Howser-looking resident in the ER. His first advice was to give me
meds to stop the pain (priceless).

His second was I have a CAT-Scan to rule out appendicitis. I had been back and forth to the
doctor and had enough tests to know that was NOT the case.

Yet out of fear, I agreed.

It came back negative (ya think?) with a hefty bill attached.

Looking back now, I would still go to the ER for that level of pain, but I would trust my instincts
when it came to the proper course of treatment.

Sorry Doogie