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About Tom Martin

Journalistic Experience Meets Media Expertise


Today’s media landscape offers countless opportunities but can also be daunting and challenging to navigate. For maximum effectiveness and to truly be heard, the counsel of an experienced journalist with vast media connections is essential.

Tom Martin calls on twenty years of experience as a network television news producer serving his clients, having served high-profile journalists as Charlie Rose, Charles Kuralt, Diane Sawyer, and Charlie Gibson. [photo] In his more recent work in public relations, Tom has expanded his network of media connections even further.

Having secured coverage for his clients by hundreds of media outlets, including NBC’s “Today” show, The Wall Street Journal, and even “Oprah,” Tom Martin is an expert at finding the perfect strategy for connecting with the broadest possible audience through multiple media platforms.


the world of tom coombe.

Freelance copywriter and journalist in Pennsylvania.

I’ve loved stories ever since I could read and have wanted to be a writer from the moment I wrote my first short story in 7th grade.

I’ve worked as a professional writer since 1999, spending 16 years in journalism and another five as a marketing copywriter.

In that time I’ve written thousands of news stories and blog posts, plus white papers, e-books, email campaigns, short fiction and music and TV reviews.

As a reporter, I interviewed rock stars, senators, bank robbers and artists, wrote about crime and schools and history and food and everyday life in my corner of Pennsylvania. As a copywriter, I’ve written for clients ranging from locally-owned candy shops to nationally-known companies like Epson and U.S. Cellular.

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