Are your career, family time and social interactions limited based on fear and shame around your digestive disorders?
In my program, we will apply the knowledge I gained from researching health and wellness and then shared with my doctors the root cause of my condition.
I invite you to walk down that same path to freedom and a better quality of life with the support of someone who has been in your shoes.

I would love to put our heads together to see if we can’t resolve some of your issues.

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My Story

I am no stranger to digestive issues.

More than five years ago, I began experiencing some crazy symptoms that had me down and out, literally. Each day brought on new health issues, and I was calling and visiting my GP daily. At some point, she started avoiding my calls. Without seeing the big picture, she did have some words of wisdom that sent me down the right path to control my health.


“Samantha, your body is going through some changes. It doesn’t like you very much right now.”


I hoped to take a pill and have it all magically disappear. I worked with a team of doctors and had every test to rule out chronic medical conditions. They turned up nothing.

I hit rock bottom and started doing my research. I had better communication with my doctors and educated them. They prescribed a course of treatment for my health and wellness.

I can use what I have learned to help you using the same process to you back to your life ASAP.

If any of this sounds famailiar, CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30-minute Transformation Session.


– Dan G.

  I have been working with Samantha for 6 months. I had seen conventional doctors and had many tests for my stomach issues, but none helped. I was desperate for help so I reached out to Samantha, who told me she could help. Samantha came up with strategies, coping ideas, foods and supplement advice and taught me methods to continue on my own. She is knowledgeable, easy to contact and talk to and very good on overall wellness issues. I am now feeling much better and highly recommend Samantha for stomach and other health issues.  
– Dan G.

-Dennis M.

I have known Samantha for many years. Every step of the way she fought from one health issue to another but never complained and went through exams, testing, surgeries, one after the other, and came away better and better. So, Samatha took the “bull-by-the-horns” and dived into research, studies, treatments, visited a multitude of doctors, to figure out what was wrong with her body and why she was not a Well Being! I would highly recommend anyone who is stuck and or frustrated with how their bodies are feeling and are not getting any solutions while loading up on meds to speak with Samantha as SOON as they can!! Dennis M.
-Dennis M.

-Dr. Alan Gingold

Samantha Wyland has been a patient of mine for about 8 years. In the last year, Samantha has worked exceedingly hard to change her diet and lifestyle. She has stopped most of her medications, and together we have been able to improve her symptoms and improve her overall quality of life. She has been working as a life and wellness coach, and I have no doubt she can help others with the same tenacity she put forth towards her own issues.Dr. Alan Gingold - Gastroenterologist at Digestive Healthcare Center
-Dr. Alan Gingold

-Simply Speaks

“My consultation session with Samantha was very rewarding. She provided me with several tips to enhance the quality of my longer-term health. I highly recommend her services. Her approach and a great capacity to recapture my concerns in detail showed me that she has high regard for her clientele.“ -Simply Speaks Transformational Speaker, NY
-Simply Speaks