I used to think I deserved certain
exceptions – like the world owed me
after all, I went through.

If I did a favor for someone or supported
them, I expected it in return.

This pissed off many people in my life,
and I realized I was living with a victim

Hearing the words come out
of my mouth as I was screaming at a
former colleague and friend, I realized
what a spoiled brat I was.

He calmly replied to my tirade:

“Samantha, you have a very nice life.”

That attitude had to go ASAP, and when
I started to look at all the good things I
had in my life and how I had busted my
butt to get there, the victim mentality
began to fade away.

The truth is no one owes you squat.
If you want to change something in your
life or your health, you need to get off
your behind and find a solution.

BUT you don’t have to row the boat

There is a solution to every
problem, and if you find the right people
to support you, the solution will present