Guilty Pleasure?

It’s now 1 week before Christmas. I had the day off but a million errands to run, training videos to watch, pre- course material to do and a crap load of dishes piled in the sink. My knee injury had me in PT for 6 weeks and I had an appointment that day I planned to blast through. I woke up and my knee was killing me. Before I had my first cup of coffee I was pissed off. I had no time for this pain. It was gonna be a witchy kind of day.

I got to my appointment and told my therapist the situation. She took extra time loosening up my leg and I began my exercises. Normally I would do a quick stretch and be on my way, but today I decided to stay for heat and electro stimulation therapy which is about 20 minutes. As I laid there enjoying the warmth and massage on my knee I thought “tomorrow is another day, a day with less knee pain and a happier, gentler me.”

Never underestimate the value of self care. How you feel radiates to your family, job, friendships and your emotional health. Your body is a a very complex machine that constantally self regulates. If you overwork it, you will start to break down, get sick, maybe worse. Don’t pop an Advil for that pain you’ve been meaning to address. REST. Your body knows what you need. LISTEN!

Take time for YOU!