Let’s Make A Deal

Today I made a deal with my doctor at Digestive Healthcare. We were discussing a new anti-anxiety medication he had added to manage recent changes in my hormones. He agreed to prescribe it for three months and then reassess my situation.

Every one of us is different, and no one treatment will work for everyone. I have chosen to modify my lifestyle to manage the symptoms I can control. I rely on medicine to address the ones I can’t. The medication is working NOW for ME. I made a deal with my doctor that I would rely less on medication and more on self-care over three months. Our lives change so much every day. Our bodies, relationships, our environment, and in constant flux. How we manage our health should be both preventative and reactive to these changes.

Do you need a doctor that will listen to your needs and give you a plan that fits with your lifestyle? Do you go to the doctor, get a prescription, go to the pharmacy, take it, and don’t feel better? Stop wasting your time and money!

Let’s put our heads together to see if we can’t resolve some of your issues.

PS giving up wine is not part of the deal.