Healthy from the Inside Out

I recently bought some lotion and soap from my local supermarket. After just one week, I regretted it. My hormones flipped out, and my digestion was a mess. I started getting eczema, all of which I had not had in years. I know how harmful ingredients in these products are. So why did I do it? A moment of disbelief, maybe? You know, like, how the fastest way a kid learns not to touch the stove is by touching it. I am not recommending it, but I am sure more than a few of us realized that way.

These supermarket skincare products, including high-end brands in salons and spas, contain a ton of chemicals, artificial ingredients, crude oil (like in your car), and wait for it, animal excrement. Think about that next time you put on lipstick.

Products made here in the US are only required to exclude about 200 ingredients. In Europe, that number is more than 2000, and I promise bat poop is on the list. What we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN it. You wouldn’t drink motor oil; why would you put it on your face? The nicotine patch is a perfect example of how what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. It absorbs faster since it bypasses the digestive system.

Seeing the error of my rebellious ways, I threw all that junk in the trash and went back to using my all-natural, chemical-free, dye-free, and bat poop free products from Arbonne that I had been using for years with excellent results. Within a week, I saw my body go back to normal, with no more digestive issues, mood swings, or eczema.

Full disclosure, I am a consultant for the company, and I make a small commission, but that is not why I do it. I believe so strongly in the purity of their products and their mission to spread health and wellness.

Check it out for yourself or give the gift of health to someone you love. You can thank me later 🙂