Today I Dumped my Doctor

Yup. After more than 10 years I broke up with him over video chat. Hey it’s not like it was a text message. Why would I sever ties with the person that has been my safety net, my psychologist, gastroenterologist and cheerleader as I struggle through this hell called perimenopause?

It’s the only thing holding me back from building my business as a health coach. During my studies I have been prompted to do some soul searching about my own health and wellness. I passed all the tests with flying colors. I know I am ready. Except for this one thing. It was time to pick up the phone and make an appointment with my GP. (I may have been avoiding her for a variety of reasons). She agreed to fill all of my prescriptions, taking all responsibility away from my Gastro. Just like ripping off a bandaid. Ouch!

When I become a licensed health coach I want to work WITH doctors, not be dependant on one. In just 5 weeks I have gained enough knowledge to be my own health coach. This is how I got here in the first place after all. Doing research, listening to my body, talking with my doctors, educating them. Now instead of paying them to tell me what I already know, (or something I will completely ignore), I am going to help THEM help patients just like me. This will save them valuable time and money and provide them a resource to improve the overall health of their patients, who in the long term, will also save money.

How could YOU benefit from working with a Health Coach?

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