Money, Sex, and Sh*t

Three things no one wants to talk about.

There is a stigma attached to bringing these subjects to light. It’s 2021, people. I am no expert on the first two; however, chronic digestive disorders are my specialty. I consider myself a lady, so I can eloquently speak about bathroom issues without the gross-out factor. The receptionist at my gastro’s office was always so grateful when I described my problems delicately. I never want to ruin anyone’s lunch.

I always let my clients speak freely about their digestive health issues. I welcome as much or as few details as they feel comfortable sharing. I reflect on their vibe and offer suggestions based on their immediate goals.

The lack of discussion about digestive disorders is discouraging. Ten to fifteen percent of people nationwide experience digestive issues, and 35% of them are severe. With the stress of this quarantine, I would imagine those numbers to have doubled. The increased intake of processed foods, alcohol, and lack of exercise are just a few contributing factors to digestive imbalance and a long list of other chronic conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

My good friend Tom Martin, founder of Tom Martin Media, moderated a conversation regarding these issues. Tom calls on twenty years of experience as a network television news producer — having served such high-profile journalists as Charlie Rose, Charles Kuralt, Diane Sawyer, and Charlie Gibson. He is also a former medical producer for ABC News.

You can watch the replay HERE.

My passion is helping people in their 30s-40s whose careers, family time and social interaction are limited by the fear and shame around their chronic digestive disorders.