“I met Samantha this year and just by one session with her, she offered nothing but a nurturing and safe space for me to cry, let out my heart, and tell her how I’m dealing with my situation at hand. She also offered relatedness with my vulnerability, letting me know I’m not alone with my pain. I recommend anyone who’s going through a tough transition in life, to reach out to her. I had such a breakthrough with just this one powerful session with her.”

-Fiderica, Phoenix AZ

“My consultation session with Samantha was very rewarding. She provided me with several tips to enhance the quality of my longer-term health. I highly recommend her services. Her approach and a great capacity to recapture my concerns in detail showed me that she has high regard for her clientele.💜💚

-Simply Speaks

Transformational Speaker, NY

Samantha Wyland has been a patient of mine for about 8 years. In the last year, Samantha has worked exceedingly hard to change her diet and lifestyle. She has stopped most of her medications, and together we have been able to improve her symptoms and improve her overall quality of life. She has been working as a life and wellness coach, and I have no doubt she can help others with the same tenacity she put forth towards her own issues.
Dr. Alan Gingold - Gastroenterologist at Digestive Healthcare Center
I have known Samantha for many years. Every step of the way she fought from one health issue to another but never complained and went through exams, testing, surgeries, one after the other, and came away better and better.
She took the bull-by-the-horns” and dived into research, studies, treatments, visited a multitude of doctors, to figure out what was wrong with her body and why she was not a Well Being!
I would highly recommend anyone who is stuck and or frustrated with how their bodies are feeling and are not getting any solutions while loading up on meds to speak with Samantha as SOON as they can!!
Dennis M.