Be Fierce

PERSIST. Many years ago I knew a woman that would not take no for an answer. (Great preparation for motherhood). She would call, text, email, schedule meetings, until she got what she wanted. This hard working mother was the queen of bending the rules. Since I was making the rules at the time, it was totally obnoxious. She was only shot down once and after that she left the company for good.

Now I often think of her when my needs are brushed aside or ignored completely. If its my health, my business, my child, I will not give up. Every problem has a solution if you work hard enough to find it. I don’t always try to bend the rules, don’t expect any VIP treatment or handouts, just a little wiggle room. Even the creation of this website has been one “oh sh*it” moment after another. (Wiggle room could actually be the title of my blog).

I am a survivor. I have faced loads physical and emotional challenges in my 42 years. Basically like a cat on my 8th life lol, but here I am, Living my Best Life.

If you believe in something, don’t give up. If you dream it, it will come.

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