Scale of 1-10

What’s your quality of life #? I recently met a woman that lives with a constant pain level of 9. A 10 has her in bed all day. Today she told me she called her doctor to refill her pain meds. (She has not been taking them because, you know the stigma). On the pain meds, and these are some heavy hitters, they only “take the edge off” her pain. So let’s say she functions with a pain level of 8-9 on a daily basis. The pain meds maybe get her down to a 6. I asked her “You only have one life. Are you ok with living it at a 6 at best?”

When my quality of life was around a 2, I embarked on skincare journey to hide how bad I was feeling. It worked wonders. In public I looked like I was living a level of 8 but in reality I was still a 2. As I started to make progress I got to about a 6, I decided I wanted to feel better then I looked. I kept pushing, doing more research. Talking with my doctor, updating my medication and lifestyle. I continued to feel better. My quality of life increased. It showed on my face, in my smile. I had a twinkle in my eyes again. I didn’t need 1000 lbs of make up to look alive. Now I enjoy going out, sharing my success looking as good as I feel inside. Sometimes I throw my hair in a bun and stay in my PJs but I still feel like a 10!

Carpe Diam!

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